Friday, 25 December 2015

Hello, Friends!

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It feels as if I'm inviting you to embark on an exciting adventure because we're starting a totally new thing in our life - blogging on Blogger. For those of you who have never blogged in their life, I'm happy to say, 'Let's do this together!' This will be our first successful joint work on Lexical Management. Let's have fun learning words and completing lots of exciting projects as a close-knit and friendly team! Yay!

Hope you will be having a great time here!

Take a look at some messages that your peers, now the third-year students, wrote especially for you. You will notice that they still refer to you as "freshers". This is due to the fact that we didn't know that you'd begin this course in your second term. Anyway, enjoy these words of wisdom!

Alexander        Alina            Nadia            Yulia                Maria
Khrystyna       Olesia           Ruslana       Yaroslava        Yulia
Rita                   Nadia           Alla               Hanna              Yulia
Viktoria          Olha             Alexandra     Olha                Vasyl
                         Julia              Natalie

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