Communication. Discourse Markers. Proverbs.

Dear students!

In your blog post #5, you will show your ability to use vocabulary on the topic "Communication. Discourse Markers. Proverbs".

At first, explore the vocabulary from your wordlist in more detail and with more context in your coursebooks:

  1. English Vocabulary in Use. Upper-Intermediate and Advanced: Units 82, 84, 100
  2. Oxford Word Skills. Advanced: Units 64, 66
  3. English Collocations in Use. Intermediate: Units 28, 49
  4. English Phrasal Verbs in Use: Unit 50
  5. English Idioms in Use: Unit 29
  6. Oxford Word Skills. Intermediate: Idioms and Phrasal VerbsUnits 14-17, 19
For your blog post, you will have to choose pictures that show people communicating in different contexts and add speech bubbles using For your captions, you need to use 20-25 wordlist items and as many pictures as it takes to reach 100-150 words in general.

Good luck!

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