Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Welcome to Lexical Management 2017!

Dear students!

In this post, you will find links to the materials on every topic of our course.

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Introducing various ways to organize a vocabulary notebook, exploring strategies for memorization and revision.
Exploring monolingual and bilingual dictionaries. The structure of a dictionary entry. Understanding word definitions.
Exploring opportunities of online tools and resources for vocabulary building.
The concept of word families. Word formation peculiarities. Greek and Latin roots and affixes.
Communication, means of communication. Expressions and collocations related to communication. Discourse markers. Sayings and proverbs.

Module 1 Consolidation


Strong feelings and reactions. Expressing your emotions. Body language. Pleasant and unpleasant feelings. Idioms describing feelings or mood.
Describing people. Human body. Physical features. Personal qualities. Personality idioms. Phrasal verbs to describe a person. 
Education. Schools. Exams. Student life. Education-related phrasal verbs and idioms.
Career and work. Working conditions. Qualifications. Everyday English. Ways of working. Job benefits. Office problems.
Health issues. Eating habits and fitness. Idioms and phrasal verbs related to healthy lifestyle.

Module 2 Consolidation


Money related expressions. Making and spending money. Personal finance.
Peace and war issues, control and power. Idioms and phrasal verbs related to warfare and history in general. Local government.
13. Media.
Types of media. Celebrities. Talking about truth and lies.
14. Travel.
Travel and tourism. Holidays. Sights. Migration.
Gardens and nature. Environment. Energy conservation. Wildlife under threat. 

Module 3 Consolidation