Online tools and resources for vocabulary building.

Dear students!

In your blog post #3, you will have to reflect on the opportunities of vocabulary building that have become available due to a number of online tools.

Before getting down to writing a blog post, take a look at the list of online dictionaries and online tools (categories 1 and 2). Try working with each of them and discover their potential for enhancing your vocabulary skills.

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In your blog post,  write a letter to an imaginary student who was learning English some 20-30 years ago and tell him/her about the learning opportunities that have now become available with online tools and resources. You have to include your experience with 3 tools from the first category and 2 tools from the second one. Requirements:

1. Regardless of other tools have chosen, you have to create a flashcard set in Quizlet and paste a link in your post. For your flashcard set (a word/a definition), choose any 20 items from any word list in this course.

2. In your blog post, you have to use 20-25 vocabulary items from the word list of this unit. 

3.  Your blog post should not exceed 150-200 words.

4. You are to paste screenshots of the tools you have chosen to use and reflect on.

Good luck!

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