Online Tools

1) Vocabulary Tools - one of the best tools to explore the words in the context. It contains millions of sentences with the possibility to see the source article/blog post they are taken from.

Just the word - the tool that searches for all possible collocations for every word you type in.

Netspeak - the tool that shows possible word combinations depending on your purpose.

CoCA - Corpus of contemporary American English allows you to search for and explore collocations and their use in a context.

Wordsift - the tool that helps visualise the words from a text and show the connections between the selected word and related concepts.

Snappywords - is an online interactive English dictionary and thesaurus that helps you find the meanings of words and draw connections to associated words.

Word Sense -  is a dictionary, thesaurus, and valuable tool for matching thoughts to words.

Graph Words -   is free English online thesaurus that helps you find the meanings of words and show connections among associated words 

Synonym Finder - the tool that finds synonyms for the word you type in together with providing definitions and examples.

Quizlet - the tool for creating and using flashcards to memorise and revise vocabulary.

Memrisean online learning tool based on flashcards augmented with mnemonics.

2) More Vocabulary Building Tools and Games

 Free Rice - is a site where students can practice matching words to the correct definition, and donate rice at the same time. For each correct answer, the United Nations World Food Programme donates 10 grains of rice to a country in need.

Lingro - an instant online dictionary. Simply type in a website address on the Lingro website and it instantly turns the website into a clickable dictionary that translates text in 12 languages. Lingro hides in the background until you need it. 

Rewordify - is online software that improves reading and learning by simplifying difficult English.
Know Word - a typing game based on word definitions.

Word Shake - a very addictive word game from British Council.

Word Machine - another cool typing game that will make you recall words you thought you never knew.

Word Buster - you are given the first three letters and the rest is up to you.

MultiPopWord - wordsearch with a twist.

TextTwist - make the required number of words from the given letters.

Words Game - make the required number of words from the given letters.

Word Games - a collection of word games

3) Tools for Content Creation

Tools for adding text to pictures and creating postcards:

Phrase. it for adding captions and speech bubbles to your pictures.

Create word clouds with Wordle or Tagul

Creating on-line newspapers using existing templates with Newsjack.

Creating talking avatars using Voki

Creating mind maps using

Creating fake Facebook profiles with Fakebook. 

Creating timelines using this cool tool.

Creating comic strips with WittyComics, BitStrips or MakeBeliefsComix 

Creating brochures using Printing Press

Creating posters with PiktoChart or Easely.

Creating podcasts with Spreaker.  

Creating cartoons with ToonyTool.

Creating social media posts with Pablo.

Creating newsletters with Lucidpress.

4) Interactive Sites for Exploring Vocabulary in Context

Exploring life of immigrants, a project by Tenement Museum.

Interactive game on money management SPENT. 

History of Food from National Geographic. 

Evironmental games and interatives.

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