Types of Dictionaries. Using dictionaries effectively.

Dictionary Daze

Dear students!

In your post #2, you will have to demonstrate your skills of using your dictionary effectively. First off, you need to carefully read and watch tips and guidelines provided in this blog. Moreover, you will have to hit your books and get to know even more on this topic by dealing with the following materials:

  1. English Vocabulary in Use. Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate: Units 3-4
  2. English Vocabulary in Use. Upper-Intermediate and Advanced: Units: 4-5
  3. Oxford Word Skills. Intermediate: Unit 3
  4. Oxford Word Skills. Intermediate: Idioms and PhrasalsUnits 3-4, 9, 13

In your blog post, sum up the main points presented in the videos in this blog. In addition, use your dictionary to find and post the following:

1) The word you tend to mispronounce or misspell on a regular basis and its definition.
2) A few pairs of words that you often confuse, their definitions and example sentences.
3) By using online Oxford English Dictionary, choose 3-4 words that entered the dictionary in 2016 and post them together with their definitions.

The requirements remain the same:

1. Your blog post should not exceed 150-200 words.

2. In your blog post, you have to use 20-25 vocabulary items from the word list of this unit.
Once you have completed writing your post, use its text to make a word cloud (using Wordle orTagul) and paste it in your post.

You can also add a picture with a quote about dictionaries (use PinwordsPicLits or Quozio or other tools to create it). 

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