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Dear students!

In your blog post #13, you will dive into the ocean of vocabulary related to the topic "Travel. Holidays and Tourism. Migration".

Before you get down to another creative task, take a look at some additional material in your coursebooks that will help you deal with your wordlist:

  1. English Vocabulary in Use. Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate: Units 86-89
  2. English Vocabulary in Use. Upper-Intermediate and Advanced: Units 49, 50, 69
  3. English Collocations in Use: Unit 14
  4. English Collocations in Use. Advanced: Unit 26 (A)
  5. Oxford Word Skills. Intermediate: Unit 22
  6. Oxford Word Skills. Advanced: Unit 21, 32
  7. English Phrasal Verbs in Use: Unit 62
  8. Oxford Word Skills: Idioms and PhrasalsUnit 41

For your blog post, you can choose one of two tasks:

TASK 1. Write an essay The Dark Side of Tourism (180-200 words, 20-25 active words and expressions)where you will describe the negative impact that tourism may have on the local economy and communities as well as certain cases when it violates ethical norms. The video below provides some examples, but you can find yours and paste them in your post (pictures or short videos).

Dark Tourism

TASK 2. This task is based on the interactive activity about US immigrants by Tenement Museum. In order to complete your task for the blog, you will need to go an interactive adventure.
In this activity, you will get acquainted with the realities faced by immigrants in the USA around a century ago. As you enter the site, press "i" for instructions.

You will have to choose an immigrant character for yourself and follow further steps. A girl called Victoria will be your guide in this adventure. After you have completed all the stages of this game you will be offered to send Victoria a postcard. This is the base for your blogpost (you don't have to do the task on the game site; you should write this letter in your blog).

In your blog postwrite a letter to Victoria 
(180-200 words, 20-25  words and expressions of the current wordlist) describing your imagined experience based on the choices you made throughout the game (mention as many details as possible) and your imagination. Make sure you include some facts from Victoria's stories too. Also, paste an image of your immigrant passport and any other pictures you consider relevant. 

TASK 3.  Refugee Crisis. Every year thousands of people have to flee their homeland due to various circumstances like military actions or natural disasters. Write an essay based on your point of view on this issue (
180-200 words, 20-25  words and expressions of the current wordlist). Check out the pictures in this post or information in this post to help you. 

Refugees and migrants wade across a river near the Greek-Macedonian border
Source: aljaz

Good luck!

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