Saturday, 9 January 2016

Module 1 Consolidation

Dear students!

In Module 1, you have explored a number of techniques and approaches of building your word power and enhancing your vocabulary skills. 

As a way to test your understanding of the material of this module and your ability to incorporate active vocabulary in your speaking, you will be offered two communicative tasks:

1) Pictures for discussion in pairs followed by
2) Individual questions related to the themes of the module.

As you discuss the pictures and answer the questions, you have to demonstrate your knowledge of the module material as well as your ability to incorporate relevant vocabulary from the wordlists while expressing your opinion.

Here's a sample task:

Look at two pictures, compare them and answer the questions:
1. What might people be talking about?
2. How important is communication in student life?

Image source:
Image source:

Individual question sets.

Student A. 
  • What is a grammatical connection between words in each group?1) tooth, mouse, child  2) put, cut, burst   
  • What information can you find in a dictionary entry? 
  • What vocabulary learning strategies do you use a lot?

Student B.
  • Provide examples words with the following prefixes and explain their meaning:micro- , sub-, multi-
  • Why are collocations important in language learning?
  • Is the topic important when you do a vocabulary activity?

Good luck!

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