Sunday, 10 January 2016

Healthy Lifestyle

Dear students!

In your blog post #10, you will deal with the vocabulary related to health and illness, healthy lifestyle, eating habits and food.

First off, take a look at some resources in your coursebooks to explore the vocabulary from your wordlist:

  1. English Vocabulary in Use. Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate: Units 54, 55, 58, 59
  2. English Vocabulary in Use. Upper-Intermediate and Advanced: Units 43, 48
  3. English Collocations in Use: Units 23, 27, 57
  4. Oxford Word Skills. Intermediate: Units 16, 17, 20, 24, 25
  5. Oxford Word Skills. Advanced: Units 13, 20
  6. English Phrasal Verbs in Use: Unit 56
  7. Oxford Word Skills: Idioms and PhrasalsUnit 34

Take a look at some of these words in the table with definitions and sample sentences: LINK

For better understanding and further practice, check out these exercises:
1. Quiz 1
2. Quiz 2
3. Quiz 3

Get the taste of cooking vocabulary HERE.

Read this article and observe the usage of active vocabulary in context. If you come across collocations that you like or that seem interesting to you, add them to your wordlist.

For your blogpost, you have to create a brochure called Students' Healthy Lifestyle Guide (or any other relevant name you can think of) using the tool Printing Press. In the brochure, you have to present your views on the current situation regarding students' lifestyle (e.g. eating habits, physical activity, bad habits, diet and other health-related components), recommendations on how to enhance their physical and psychological well-being, and one recipe of a healthy meal

After you have created your brochure, you download it as a pdf file. In order to upload it onto your blog, convert it into jpg format (e.g. here).
Requirements to the text: 150-200 words, 20-25 items of active vocabulary.

A rough example:

Good luck!

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