Saturday, 9 January 2016

Appearance, Character, Relationships

Dear students!

In your blog post #7, you are going to make the most of the vocabulary related to describing people's appearance, character and relationships.

Before you start another chapter in a book of your creativity, take a closer look at the vocabulary from your wordlist used in appropriate context in your coursebooks:

  1. English Vocabulary in Use. Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate: Units 43, 44, 46
  2. English Vocabulary in Use. Upper-Intermediate and Advanced: Units 33-35
  3. English Collocations in Use: Unit 17-21
  4. Oxford Word Skills. Advanced: Unit 14
  5. Oxford Word Skills: Idioms and Phrasals: Units 26 (B), 28

You can get some interactive online practice with these links:
  • An exercise on personality related adjectives

In your blog post, you have to create a story using comic strips. 

Your story should include:

  • description of characters;
  • some details of their relationship (friendship, romance, parent-child etc; date, falling out, argument etc);
  • dialogs and conversations between characters.

Conversations and dialogs will be presented in a form of comic strips created in WittyComics or BitStrips. If you wish to present the whole story as a comic strip, you certainly can do this. Otherwise, include at least 3 comic strips in your story.

Keep your story within 150-180 word limit and take advantage of active vocabulary (20-25 items, as usual).

Some examples:

Good luck!

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