Vocabulary Videos

One of the favourite elements of this course for many students is having to produce short vocabulary videos. The idea to offer students to make videos about words and expressions from their word lists came to me after reading this article in NY Times. Last year, we also held a contest for the best vocabulary video. 

Guidelines for making a vocabulary video.

1. Choose a word/phrase/idiom from the word list.
2. Think about the best way to illustrate or present it.
3. In the video, provide information about your vocabulary item, i.e. its part of speech and definition.
4. Film your video (I encourage you to take part in it yourself or involve your friends). It shouldn't exceed 15-20 sec. 
5. Respect copyright. If you want to use pictures in your video, use those you have taken yourself.  However, you can use Creative Commons sites and those that provide copyright free pictures and images. By all means, avoid using pictures if it involves violating copyright.

Take a look at some examples of videos that students produced last year:

A bookworm


Off the beaten track

Have striking appearance


Do the weeding

Good luck!

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